The specific areas in which legal assistance can be provided include, in particular, public services (with reference, in particular, to the sectors of waste disposal, transport and energy production from renewable sources), contracts and concessions for public works, supplies and services, project financing and the public law aspects of extraordinary operations (including the regulatory and anti-trust implications of the same). The Practice also has significant experience in the law relating to the environment, urban planning, building, expropriation on grounds of public utility, public financing and cultural heritage.

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Our Practice has been able to develop specialist skills particularly in the areas of public services and works contracts, allowing us to provide assistance to clients whether they are the administration charged with the award of the contract or participating companies in public competitive award procedures. We can advise, assist and act for clients at all stages including the drawing up of calls for bids and special contractual terms, the preparation of bids, analysis and award of contracts and management of any consequent litigation, the drafting of contracts and conventions together with the performance of the works or management of the service.

As a consequence we have experience in assisting many operators in the public sector (local administrations, the holders of concessions granted by the Public Administration, managers of public services, financing recipients and bodies responsible for the construction of infrastructure and works generally) and many businesses from the private sector such as companies specialising in building, design, the construction and management of infrastructure works and computing.

Court work is also an important part of this area taking the form of assistance in proceedings before administrative courts and the Council of State, in disputes under arbitration and proceedings before the ordinary jurisdictional courts including the Higher Court concerned with public water.

The Practice also has considerable experience in the provision of assistance in proceedings before the Court of Public Accounts for clients involved in tax liability disputes.


The Alberto Bianchi e Associati Legal Practice has a well-established reputation in the sectors of company, commercial and bankruptcy law.

The firm’s professional practitioners have earned a reputation for the management of all kinds of situations with skill and punctuality, offering clients high quality legal services. Many years’ experience combined with a tried and tested organisational structure mean our lawyers are able to establish a dialogue with clients in real time, ready to provide a timely and functional contribution in response to all their needs.

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We are able to offer clients a differentiated service which is specific and punctual in nature, encompassing the multiplicity of requirements arising from company dynamics, capable of preventing and suppressing any pathological drift affecting company management as regards the relations between shareholders and between the latter and directors.

Through a combination of a process of continuing updating and the juridical analysis of our track record, our team of professionals is able to identify and suggest the most appropriate strategies to ensure the best protection of the interests of our clients at every stage of the company relationship, from the preparation of strategic plansto the assignment of shareholdings, litigation and extraordinary operations made necessary either from the point of view of company development or when dealing with corporate economic crises.

With specific reference to litigation, the lawyers in our Practice have special and in-depth experience of liability actions against directors and Statutory auditors, having been directly involved in some of the most important proceedings of this kind both regionally and nationally.

The Practice has also worked for many years in the law relating to businesses experiencing an economic crisis, company restructuring and generally, insolvency procedures.

Our professionals are able to offer consultancy and legal assistance both in situations where companies are facing a large-scale economic crisis and in relation to crises which may be smaller in character but often of equal complexity, involving those small and medium-sized enterprises which make up the connective tissue of the Italian economy.

Our lawyers frequently take on the role of professionals conducting insolvency proceedings with experience of dealing with the many problems arising during the progress of such procedures.


Our Practice is able to provide assistance in the drawing up of all kinds of commercial contracts, from the most complicated examples which go beyond those found in normal commercial operations to more normal exercises such as the review of contracts which have already been concluded, from the drafting and review of general conditions of purchase or sale of goods and services, to the drafting of calls for bids and procedures for the award of supply and works contracts.

The Practice has extensive experience of advising in this field from direct relations with general counselsworking for the biggest businesses and with the operational structures responsible for managing contractual relations: sales offices, commercial managements, site managements, etc.

Diritto delle successioni

The Practice is able to offer specialist assistance in procedures involving both court proceedings and otherwisein the area of succession and donations law, with particular reference to the following:

  • wills;
  • succession generally;
  • family agreements;
  • legal action for the protection of heirs’ interests;
  • donations and the revocation of donations.